Wellness for Women PLLC

Wellness for Women PLLC
The Practitioner

Maribeth Loynes, MD

Fellow in the American College of Ob-Gyn

Dr. Loynes is a board-certified OB/GYN with over two decades of practice experience. She earned her medical degree from the Medical University of South Carolina and completed residency at Vanderbilt University. She was introduced to the concept of holistic healthcare in her first private practice in Concord, New Hampshire.  Integrating those ideas with traditional, university-based training, she has since practiced in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and now eastern North Carolina. 

These influences have fueled her desire to help women help themselves. She sees the potential of her patients first-hand and wants to partner with them to build full, healthy and informed lives. Not all issues are solved with medication or medical procedures.  Health and wellness start with gathering information, discussing concerns and deciding on a course of action.  Insurance-based medical practices often don’t allow for the longer conversations and in-depth evaluation of complex women’s issues. The goal is to utilize her time and knowledge, coupled with laboratory services, radiology studies, medication and supplements when indicated, to treat the whole patient. 

The Practice

Dr. Loynes has the ability and the knowledge to assist in the care of female patients. She will not, however, function as a primary care provider or general gynecologist. Rather, she will serve as an addition to the patient’s medical team, adding insight and answers as needed. The care in this practice will be rendered on a fee for service basis at an hourly rate. Payment will be required at the time of the visit. The practice will not accept insurance, but, will kindly provide the necessary information for the patient to self-submit to their insurance company. Browse Services..